Tribit TikTok Campaign

Black Friday is fast approaching! So we’ll be running a singing campaign on TikTok to celebrate the biggest and most important sale day of the year! We offer free gifts and an up to 55% OFF coupon for this event! So how to get involved and receive our cool offers? Please read the following rules - it’s so easy and you’ll have bags of fun too!


Sing a song to express your Black Friday shopping mood on TikTok.

How do you join us?

1. Follow Tribit TikTok offical: @tribitofficial

2. Say ”Hi Tribit” at the beginning when you start recording the video.

3. Then use specific tags like #SingASong #BFCMMood #Tribit to upload your video on TikTok.

What you will receive if you join us?

1. For every follower and participant, we offer up to a 55% OFF coupon to buy Tribit audio products. (US, EU and UK Amazon Stores only)

2. For the top 20 most popular videos (counting in Likes), we offer every winner a FREE StormBox Pro speaker. (Open to worldwide TikTok users)

About Tribit Brand

Tribit was born with a singular focus: to bring great beats to the masses.

We create audio products including wireless earbuds, Bluetooth speakers and over-ear headphones to unleash the true sound.

Tribit is recommend by many top media as the best audio which including CNET, Wirecutter, TechRadar, Digital Trends, etc. We created XBass® technology for better bass processing, getting those all-important lows booming through your speakers, and Runstretch™ technology, which auto-adjusts voltage according to the audio input, providing breakthrough battery life.