Technical specifications
  • Fit &Comfort

    • Headset Form:


    • Eargels:

      5 sets of eargels

  • Connectivity

    • Bluetooth Version:


    • Wireless Range:

      Up to 33 feet / 10 meters

  • Battery

    • Earbuds Charging Time:

      1.5 hours with dedicated charging case

    • Case Charging Time:

      1.5hours with charging cable

    • Playtime:

      ANC OFF: 10 hrs single charge, total 30 hrs playtime with the charging case

      ANC ON: 8 hrs single charge , total 24 hrs playtime with the charging case

  • General

    • Box Content

      Tribit Earbuds(L&R)

      Charging Case


      Ear Tips

      USB-C Charging Cable

      User Manual

    • Weight

      53.8g(Earbud(L / R) + Charging Case)

  • Audio Codecs

    • SBC AAC

Reviews On Amazon

By Diego Sanchez Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Dark Black | Verified Purchase
Me encantó la comodidad y facilidad de uso.
By Aaron Bittinger Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Dark | Verified Purchase
Wife loves it
By Antoinette Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Dark | Verified Purchase
Most earbuds allow you to take phone calls. Very few are actually designed to do so. This pair is probably the best I've tested for taking calls. They both filter background noise and enhance voices to make calls easy to hear in any environment. The controls are also excellent. It's refreshingly simple to change the volume with one touch. The sound quality is AWESOME and the battery life is impressive. Overall, I think these earbuds offer good bang for your buck. I highly recommend them.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this review. I hope the information that I've provided helps make your decision a little easier.
By Connie Williams Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Dark Black | Verified Purchase
I had no problems getting them connected to my phone and i love the feel and look.
By Nebti13 Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Dark | Verified Purchase
These are impressive for the price. They lack active noise cancellation, but passive (with in-ear-canal earpieces) works fine in my book. These fit well and feel comfortable when worn. Great battery life--probably in part because they lack active noise cancellation. Good sound quality when used for calls on phone.

Audio quality is the key to earbuds to my mind, and this is where I'm going focus my final thoughts.

Sound quality of these Tribit Flybud C1s is surprisingly good. I'm not an expert, but I know what I like and it tends to be on the expensive end of things. So I have to overcome my reluctance to think cheaper earphones (and an unknown-to-me brand) can be as good as expensive name brands to give these a fair shot...

Can these cheap earphones run with the top brands? In many ways, yes. But I've listened to them side-by-side with the others and I find judging between them difficult. Honestly, I think they do, but there are differences.

The Flybuds have less bass oomph than my Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds. On treble they're great. Overall volume on the Flybuds is equal-to-higher. But the Jabras remain my favorite earbuds. I don't have the Jabra 85t earbuds, so I can't make a comparison with them, but I suspect I would also find the 85t superior to this pair.

I like these better than Apple Airpods (non-pro). The sound is similar in that both are bright but lacking the bass of the Jabras, and these Tribits have better bass than the Airpods. I listened to a fairly knowledgeable YouTube reviewer today who was surprised to find that he preferred the audio of these to his Airpod pros....

These sound every bit as good as my 2019-era Galaxy Buds across the entire register, but I can't compare them with the most recent versions of Samsung's earbuds which I don't have. They actually work better with Blutooth than the Galaxy Buds which have trouble keeping both buds connected at times.

Compared with my LG Tone Free FN7s, these lack the LG's active noise cancelling. Bass is about the same. Perhaps a bit brighter sound on the LGs, but hard to justify the price difference outside of the ANC (which, frankly, I found underwhelming anyway).

Easy to pair. Work well with two different Bluetooth sources. I think you will like these. For the price, they're very much worth considering alongside any of these other earbuds.

One note I should mention: you must press each earbud's button for 6 seconds to turn them off if you don't replace them in their charging case upon removing them from your ears. I laid them on a table after use and found my phone still connected until I turned both buds off. My other earbuds disconnect from my phone when removed from my ears. These don't.
By S.A.S. Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Dark Black | Verified Purchase
These earbuds are AMAZING! I bought these on a lightening deal, not really expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised when I opened them. Not only do they perfectly fit my small ears, they are interchangeable and are so comfortable that I consistently forget that I am wearing them! I can’t tell you how many earbuds I’ve tried over the past year that are bulky and stick out. However, these have a slim and stylish design. Furthermore, they also have great sound quality. I’m very satisfied with my purchase! Buy these! You won’t regret it!
By ccano96 Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black 1 | Verified Purchase
Awesome 👍 love the sound and people say I sound better with these than my Samsungs.
By ParkerRexCat Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Dark Black | Verified Purchase
I got these and wasn't expecting much for the price. I was wrong. These are great. Everything exceeded my expectations.
By YoBro Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Dark | Verified Purchase
Both phone calls and music/sound quality are great. These fit my ear comfortably and I have no issue with them staying in place. Still getting used to the touch controls. Customer support provided me a PDF of the user guide so I can easily look things up on my phone while getting the hang of it. The battery easily lasts the entire day for my uses. Very happy with this purchase.
By Jorge Montes Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Dark Black | Verified Purchase
$10 $10 $10 and sounds better than my coworker $300 ones .... Now every time i got the opportunity without wasting time ... Hey man how feel spend $300 in earbuds and my $10 ones have better everything...
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