Put the World on Mute

It's your world, and you can hear as litte or as much of it as you'd like thanks to the QuietPlus 78 with Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation technology. Lets you dive deep into your music with no outside noise, or stay tuned into your surroundings鈥攖he choice is yours.


Superior Connectivity

Stay connected thanks to the outstanding Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Boasting a superior range of 49 clear feet, you don't have to drag your device all over the place while you do your thing. How's that for freedom?


Technical specifications
  • Driver Size

    • Dual 40mm

  • Connectivity

    • Bluetooth Version:


    • Wireless Range:

      Up to 49 feet

  • Battery

    • Charging Time:

      2-3 hours

    • Play Time:

      Up to 30 hours

  • General

    • Package-contents

      1 x Tribit QuietPlus 78 Wireless Headset

      1 x USB-Micro Charging Cable

      1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable

      1 x User Manual

      1 x Protective Case

    • Weight


  • Audio Codecs

    • SBC AAC

Reviews On Amazon

By Amazon Customer Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
This product has a very good quality. You might want to try these headphones before you spend more! This product has great sound quality and very good noise canceling. The bill quality and choice of materials are good. Thanks Tribit!
By Cliente Amazon Rezension aus Deutschland vom 23
| Verified Purchase
I am super happy with this headset and the experience with the tribit customer service. The headphones are big as they need to be to fit your ears inside but as they are very stealthy without too noticeable branding etc, and a nice matte and rubbery finish, they are perfect. The earpads are kind of memory foam, and the pressure is tight but not uncomfortable. I have used them for very long periods of time and after like 4 or 5 hours they can get a bit uncomfortable but in general they are quite comfortable or if not for very long usage. The battery is impressive. Lasts for really long. The sound was surprisingly good in bluetooth. Nice bass but without lacking mids and high frequencies. The noise cancelling is a joy. When commuting to work i have to cross few busy roads, and it feels like all cars are electric because it removes most of the low and mid frequencies. You can still hear some mid highs, which i find good as i dont want to be completely cut off from the real world. It has 2 levels of noise cancelling, low and high and then ambience noise which lowers the audio of whatever you are listening and you hear the outside from its microphones which is super useful. I am currently using the second pair because the first ones were making a weird noise on the right ear. I informed the customer service and they reacted super fast and replaced the headset. Overall i am super impressed with the product for this price and the customer service experience was just great. I did not know about this brand before but after this i am a big fan of it. Totally recommended.
By Amazon Customer Rezension aus Deutschland vom 21
| Verified Purchase
Hi item is absolutely Perfect just what I wanted thank you
By Amazon Customer Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: pink | Verified Purchase
Great product, great customer service
By Irene Max Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: pink | Verified Purchase
The way these headphones fit over the ears is marvellous. They are so comfortable you want to wear them all the time: there鈥檚 a soft spongy material that fits directly over each ear, and it鈥檚 big enough to cover even my large ears. Lining the headband is a spongy layer of the same material, so there is no annoyance from hard plastic in contact with any part of your head. The sound quality is superb: I鈥檓 finally able to make out the lyrics to songs that have been incomprehensible for years! The battery life is also superb. Bluetooth connection very straightforward. Should you need to used them with wire, it is long enough that you could be sitting some distance from your hi-fi. There鈥檚 no denying that these headphones, big on comfort and sound quality, are bulky. They will not fit in your pocket. You get used to carrying the case with you. And they come with an 18 month warranty!
By Ajaz Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: pink | Verified Purchase
Had a problem with mine a few months in. Tribit quickly replaced it at no cost to me. Very happy customer!
By Joanne Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: pink | Verified Purchase
These headphones are very comfortable, connect very well to both my laptop and headphones. The microphone works very well on work calls and overall I have been very pleased with them.

However I was more recently blown away by the customer service. A few days ago the left speaker in the headphones started to lose sound, probably down to them being dropped a couple too many times by the kids creating a lose connection. Tribit have offered a brand new set as a replacement!

I highly recommend these headphones and this company to anyone.
By gemma h. Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: pink | Verified Purchase
These headphones are fab across all areas and at a bargain price. I have used these a lot and unfortunately
the head strap had snapped. I contacted Tribit and a replacement was sent out immediately. Great communication, will defiantly be purchasing items from here again.
By Claire Paul Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: pink | Verified Purchase
I have to get new headphones roughly once a year as they develop a fault in the wiring, so this time i decided to go for a bluetooth pair that still had the option of hard-wiring for when the battery runs out. I chose the Tribit pair because they were reasonably priced and the specs matched what I wanted for a day-to-day pair that I could wear whilst walking to work. These were a great choice! I've previously had Sennheisers and the sound quality on the Tribits definitely matched up. The bass carried very well and the noise cancellation worked so well I actually have to wear one cup off to the side so I can hear when people are trying to get my attention. The battery life is excellent - if I used them for an average of 5 hours a day, I would only find myself charging them every two days or so, and the charge itself completes quite quickly. The controls being on the right-side cup was very convenient and I love that this includes volume control. When I'm done they fold down to a decent size and come in a handy hard-shell case to stop them getting battered about in bags.

I've had these for about a year and a half and broke the cup hinge, but the customer service team are honouring the 30-month extended warranty that I remembered to register for when i first received the headphones. They've been super responsive and helpful, so not only a great product but a great team behind it.
By usma Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: pink | Verified Purchase
The product is exactly what i expected and much more better quality and built then what the price is. Over all im very happy with this product. X
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